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Biomedica Laboratories supply Herbicides, Fungicides, Insecticides, Miticides, Foliar feed, Knapsack sprayers, Citric acid, Industrial and Water treatment chemicals. Products include Fagilia, Dakota, BioMet, DeAcarid, Biothane, Demilidex among others. Click on our products page for more information.



Bio-medica laboratories ltd is the sole agent and technical partner of DSM food specialties Netherlands for distribution of high quality dairy solutions in Kenya and the East African region. Our core categories include Dairy cultures of all types including yoghurt, mala and cheese production..

Cereal Chemistry

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Bio-medica is the sole agents for Anchor yeast south Africa. We market and distribute cereal enzymes manufactured by them. These are namely; Flour improvers and Bread improvers used in industrial application in flour milling industries and large commercial bakeries.

Plant Nutrition

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A range of fully water-soluble, crystalline NPK fertilizers manufactured in Italy. That provide complete nutrition scheme that meets the dynamic needs of the plant throughout the growth season.