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Dakota 50 FW is a broad spectrum contact fungicide effective for the control of fungal disease on coffee, fruits, vegetables and ornamentals. For best results Dakota 50FW must be present on the plant before the onset of infection.

Directions for use

Compatibility: – Dakota 50 FW is compatible in a tank-mix with most commonly used pesticides but concentrates should never be mixed together. Half fill the spray tank with clean water then add the required amount of Dakota 50FW.

Agitate this mixture then fill the tank with water and agitate thoroughly. Spray and ensure complete coverage.



Crop Disease Application rate per 20litres Application rate per hectare Spraying volume per hectare Maximum spraying frequency
Coffee Coffee berry disease 70ml 3.5 litres 960 litres Once per month
Tomato Blight 100ml 1 litre 150 litres 7 times per season
Cabbage Dark Leaf spot 100ml 0.8 litre 120 litres 5 times per season
Tobacco Leaf Spot 40ml 1.2 litre 600 litres 2 times per season
Chili Blight 100ml 3.4 litre 690 litres 3 times per season


Packaging – 250 ml, 500ml, 1 Lt, 5 Lts and 20 Lts, 200Lts

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