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DeAcarid 1.8 EC is a naturally derived broad spectrum miticide and insecticide used in the control of mites and insects on coffee, fruits, vegetables and ornamentals.
DeAcarid 1.8EC may be mixed with other pesticides but it is advisable to conduct pre-mixing compatibility tests.

Timing: spray at first signs of infestation

Mixing: ensure your spray equipment is clean.

Calculate the amount of DeAcarid 1.8EC needed. Fill the spray tank with half the amount of water as you agitate.

Do not add wetters and spreaders to the DeAcarid 1.8EC spray aolution.

Spray volume: vegetables-500lts/hectare. Flowers & other crops 1000 lts/hectare.

Pre-Harvest Period: Do not apply within 3 days of harvest.

Crop Pest Rate


Flowers/ Onrnamentals Mites, lefminers 25
Citrus Mites, leafminers, thrips 25
Cucumbers Spinder mites, leafminers 25
Tomatoes Mites, leafminers 25
Kales Diamond, blackmoth

aphids, whiteflies, mites

Celery Mites 25
Head lettuce Liriomyza leafminers 25
Coffee Thrips, aphids 25

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