Demildex leaf rust web

Not all copper fungicides are the same.

Contains Copper Oxychloride 850g/kg

A protectant copper fungicide with bactericidal effect

The “Copper solution “for outstanding produce



DEMILDEX® has the following remarkable qualities.

  • Only high quality ingredients go into DEMILDEX®. Thus it has very high purity.
  • It has very low level of copper joiners ( Heavy metals impuries such as lead). It averages 73 ppm lead level, well below the international standards of 250 ppm. Thus superior quality for environmental and health reasons.
  • It has less of the undesirable Copper chloride. This is undesirable because of its phytotoxic effects on plant. It leads to burning of leaves or blemishes on the fruit. Because of the extra long oxygenation time with DEMILDEX®. product progress, this product has minimal ( 0.05% to 0.09%) copper chloride levels. Other brands have tested high as 2%.low copper chloride content in DEMILDEX®. is important consideration for all crops, especially the more sensitive crops such as tomatoes.
  • Has a better coverage for superior disease control. The smaller the particles the greater the number of particles –or active sites-per unit and hence the greater the fungicidal or bacterial activity. DEMILDEX®. Has very small particles (1.58micro) compared with other brands (over 3macrons) hence a very big area (10 times) of active (fungicides) surface.
  • DEMILDEX®. Sticks to the plant better. For fungicides, the tenacity coeffient increase with decrease in particles size. Ultra fine DEMILDEX®. Sticks extremely well to plant.
  • High suspensibility ensures DEMILDEX®. is kept in maximum suspension in the spray solution and eliminates deposits being left in the tank.
  • No nozzle blockages when used as directed.
  • DEMILDEX®. has been especially formulated as awettable powder with excellent flow characteristics to minimize dust and operators exposure.

Other benefits DEMILDEX®.

  • Is not broken down by sunlight to remain active on the plant surface
  • Is not corrosive when used as directed
  • Non abrasive. A function of smallness of the particles size and nature of the product.
  • Conveniently packaged in 1 to 25 kg bags .


For control of Downy mildew, coffee leaf rust Bacterial canker, Fruit spot, Bacterial rot ( bulb onions,garlic,salad onion and leeks),Black rot in cruciferous ,blight in potatoes and tomatoes, collar rot in temperature fruits, foot rot in tomatoes.

Mode of Action.

The fungicidal/bacterial properties of DEMILDEX®. is based on copper ( the active ingredient) which is slowly dissolved in moisture ( rain or irrigation) on the plants leaf in the presence of weak organic acids. As plant infections take place during rain, small amount of copper are released on the plant surface to kill or inhibit germination of micro-organisms.

DEMILDEX®. is a protectant fungicide/bactericide which prevent infection on plants. Its mode of action is by interfering with enzyme system of spores and mycelium, a process which is usually irreversible. It forms a chemical barrier against fungal attack. It does not have any systemic fungicidal value.


The fine texture and quality of DEMILDEX® means this product can be used at lower rate (For coffeee 80 gms/20 Lt) than the averae coppr oxychloride (140 gms/20 Lt). DEMILDEX® label rates are similar to the hydroxide products making DEMILDEX® very attractive on comparative basis.


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