Fagilia green& dead grass web

Fagilia is a systemic non-selective weedkiller used in the control of annual, biennual and perennial weeds, grasses and sedges. It is a post emergence herbicide with a wide spectrum of control and can be used in plantation crops, grassland, zero-minimum tilage and non-crop areas.

For best result, Fagilia should be applied when rains are not likely to fall within 6-8 hours of application. Weeds should be applied when they have the full emergence of healthy and actively growing leaves and before flowering or seeding.

Avoid windy conditions since drift onto non-target areas can result in serious injury or destruction.
Measure the required amount of Fagilia and mix with a little amount of water and stir. Add the remaining volume of water and continue stirring.

Weeds Application rate per hectare Rate per 20lt water
Annual Weeds 1.5 liters 150-300ml
Perenial Weeds 2.5 litres 250-500ml
Hard to kill perennials 4 litres 400-800ml


Use 200 litres of water per hectare

Packing: 200ml, 500ml, 1 lt, 5lt, 20lt