Biomedica has forged strong international alliances with BASF and Anchor Yeast, who are global leaders in Food Enzymes. We offer straight enzymes of Alpha Amylase, Xylanase or a cocktail of enzymes which are tailor made formulations to suit customer requirements. Local enzyme stocks are kept to ensure continuous reliable supply at all times. As part of our service offering we have a proven, dedicated Product Development Department with highly competent and capable technical personnel to assist customers with product formulation and application. The products that we offer include:

1. Single Enzymes

Alpha Amylase-helps in breaking down damaged starch. Leading to reduced proofing time, high volume, improved crumb softness, better crust color and improved shelf life.

Xylanase/hemicellulose-Breaks down hemicellulose (fiber) in wheat flour. This results to improved tolerance and extensibility, higher loaf volumes, improved crumb structure and softness.

2. Bakers and Home Baking Milling Improvers

We offer a wide range of flour milling improvers for baker’s flour. The improvers are a cocktail of enzymes that are custom made depending on customer’s specifications. The improver vary based on the type of wheat flour, quality of flour ,protein content , customer expectations of the performance of the final product or/and any other technical considerations. We work hand in hand with the customer in providing the technical support to achieve the desired expectations. Example of some of the improvers includes:

EN 106 – Basic enzyme cocktail for both baker and home baking flour. Enhances the crumb structure, crust color, shelf life and volume of the bread
EN110 – Enzyme cocktail for both bakers and home baking flour that is suitable for medium hard wheat.

EN 108 – Enzyme cocktail recommended for strong grist flour HBF improvers-Enzyme cocktail that is suitable for soft wheat baker’s flour and home baking flour. Improves extensibility and also makes the final products soft.

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Our bread improvers are a cocktail of enzymes, emulsifiers and oxidizing agents. They enhance the taste, crumb texture, crust color and volume of the various bakery products. Our different brands of bread improvers have been specially formulated to meet baker’s needs in different markets

Zuri Bread Improver

A premium Calcium enriched bread improver for all types of breads, rolls and buns. It has been added a softener to further enhance the softness of the bread. It improves the volume, fine crumb structure, whiter crumb color, better yields and also the freshness. Packed in 5kg and 25kg

Bio Mix Bread Improver

Standard bread improver that is made of a cocktail of cereal enzymes. Helps in the improvement of dough stability and crumb structure. It comes in a pack size of 20kg.

Ecomix Bread Improver

Basic bread improver for all yeast products. It enhances the volume, crumb structure and crust color. It comes in a pack size of 20kg.

Biozyme Bread Improver

A   bread improver that is made of a cocktail of enzymes that help increase the crumb and crust softness. It is an anti-stalling agent for all yeast products It comes in a pack size of 20kg..

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Spongolit®is a range of powder-form cake emulsifier preparations that is;
Highly effective, delivered via specific carriers selected according to application, and it can improve virtually all types of cakes.
Spongolit® allows all in one mix. It increases aeration, improves the crumb texture, crumb moistness, consumer appeal and volume of all cake types.



An emulsifier that acts as a softener for all baked products e.g. cakes, buns, rolls, doughnuts, mandazis, etc.

We offer a collection of cake mixes for producing   high quality products, whether you are creating a Sponge cake or American Muffin cakes. Our extensive variety of mixes provides consistency and flawless performance batch –to-batch.

1. American Muffin cake premix

Available in all flavors e.g. vanilla, chocolate, lemon, etc.


2. Sponge cake mixes

These include, black forest, white forest, red velvet and Swiss rolls


We also offer customized mixes as per customers’ specifications.


We have partnered with Aromatiques expressions who are global leaders in supply of nature identical, heat stable flavours.The flavours come in powder and liquid form.Our wide selection of commercial flavors allows  customization to products.

The flavor are ideal for large scale production and for most applications and they provide high quality taste. Our bakery flavors include:

1. Cake Flavors

This includes vanilla, lemon and strawberry.

2. Bread flavors

This include, milk flavors, butter flavors and cheese flavor


Bio Medica Laboratories Limited has partnered with Lasenor Emul, S.L . Lasenor is a Spanish private society created in 2004 as a new division in HOLDFOOD GROUP for food emulsifiers. Lasenor is present in the field of production, development and application of emulsifiers. Their expertise is in all emulsifiers whether from natural origin, like lecithin, or produced by synthesis, like esters of fatty acids and their derivatives.

We supply emulsifiers used in fats and oils, chocolate production, bakeries and instant powders production.

Product Range

  • E 322: Lecithins
  • E 471: MDG of fatty acids
  • E 472a: Acetic acid esters of MDG of fatty acids
  • E 472b: Lactic acid esters of MDG of fatty acids
  • E 472c: Citric acid esters of MDG of fatty acids
  • E 472e: Mono- and diacetyl tartaric acid esters of MDG of fatty acids
  • E 475: Polyglycerol esters of fatty acids
  • E 476: Polyglycerol polyricinoleate
  • E 477: Propane-1,2-diol esters of fatty acids
  • E 491: Sorbitan monostearate
  • E 492: Sorbitan tristearate
  • E 442: Ammonium phosphatide